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St. Anthony of the Desert
January 17, 2011

Sorry for the long absence! Our household spent most of Advent and some of Christmas suffering from a terrible cold virus and sinus infections. We’re finally recovered and getting back to normal life. We have photos and information about the feasts we celebrated between St. Andrew’s Feast and now but haven’t organized them yet. I thought we might as well go ahead and share our St. Anthony’s Feast instead of getting farther behind and we’ll catch up on December and early January later.

St. Anthony of the Desert was an Egyptian saint born in the year 251. Although born to wealthy parents, St. Anthony gave all of his possessions away at the age of 18 and lived a life of prayer as an ascetic in the wilderness for the remainder of his life. He is celebrated as the Father of All Monks and much of what we know of him is recorded in a biography by Athanasius of Alexandria.

In order to honor his ascetic life, a simple meal seemed appropriate. Daniel boiled turnips and sweet potatoes to be mashed and sauteed the turnip greens with spinach, onion, garlic, and sausage from a local farm.