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St. Anthony of Padua’s Creamy Pasta with Seasonal Veggies (Gluten-Free)
June 18, 2011

On Monday night we celebrated the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231)—patron saint of things lost. St. Anthony was a Portuguese-born Franciscan who died in Italy and is also a Doctor of the Church, often called the Evangelical Doctor because of his commitment to missionary work. He was also known as the “Hammer of Heretics” which is a pretty great title, you must admit.

Because Italy became his adopted home, I thought a pasta dish would be apropos. We’ll call it St. Anthony’s Pasta, but it’s really just a fancy macaroni and cheese style dish with seasonal veggies thrown in the mix. I used the Pioneer Woman’s Macaroni and Cheese Recipe as a jumping off point.  Warning: we’ve been doing a lot of gluten-free cooking because our two-year-old’s eczema is much better when he doesn’t have gluten. I’ll just note when I’ve used a gluten-free substitute for something but the regular wheat ingredient will work just as well (probably better).

4 cups Pasta (We used Gluten-Free pasta shells)

1 beaten, egg

4 TBS Butter

2 .5 cups Whole Milk (What other kind is there?)

2 tsp dry mustard (We didn’t have any so I used regular mustard, about 3 TBS)

8 oz. Cheddar Cheese (grated)

Optional but recommended: Fancy Cheese (I added some Smoked Gouda and Gruyere)

1/4 cup Flour (as a thickener, we used King Arthur’s Gluten-Free Flour and it worked pretty well)

Seasoning  to taste(Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Chili Powder)

Seasonal Veggies (from our garden we harvested Swiss Chard, Leeks, and Tomatoes)


Boil the pasta, cook, and drain. While you’ve got that going, whip yourself up a yummy creamy cheese sauce. Melt the butter and add the flour then whisk together, about 5 minutes. The gluten-free flour didn’t thicken as well as the regular flour, but the end result was still good. Add milk and mustard, whisk together. Add some of the milk mixture to your beaten egg so that it won’t scramble when it joins the sauce, then add it to the pot. Toss in the grated Cheddar and add some of your Fancy Cheese saving some of the Fancy Cheese for the top. Add your seasonings. I always do this by taste so I can’t help you out with the exact measurements.

Add your pasta to the yummy sauce. Then sauté your veggies (I just sautéed the swiss chard and the leeks in some olive oil, the tomatoes can just be chopped up and tossed into the pasta.)

Fresh tomatoes from your garden can’t be beat! If you grow one thing this summer, please let it be tomatoes! Add your veggies to the pasta and mix it together. Grate a little of the fancy cheese (Gruyere and Smoked Gouda) on top before popping it into the oven to get bubbly and golden on top (20ish minutes). While it’s in the oven, fry up some bacon. When the cheesy pasta is ready to come out of the oven, serve it into bowls and sprinkle some chopped up bacon on top. If you’re in the Tallahassee area, please get yourself some Thompson Farm Bacon. It’s from a South Georgia farm and you can get it at New Leaf Market. After you try it, no other bacon will satisfy you. I mean it.

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday! We will be feasting on something involving these organic local blueberries:

Picked just this morning with my little fellow: